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Deep Clean Services

Deep cleaning. All houses we service start with a deep clean. The idea is to get the home from point A to point B. The distance between A and B is determined by the homes present condition. Basically, the worse it is the longer it takes. When we come out for your first cleaning we will:

We will take care of the cobwebs up top and work our way to the base boards below. We will dust the knick knacks, under the knick knacks, and the furniture holding the knick knacks. The floors with swept/vacuumed/mopped based on the appropriate floor surface. We are also one of the few that will take care of ceiling fan blades.

We are looking for greese and oil splatter here. We will take care of the outside of the cabinetry, the counter tops, the sink, the outside of the appliances, the microwave is done inside and out, the floor mats and the floors.

We target mold, mildew, soap scum, rust stains. We will take care of the grout lines in the shower and bath area (not the floor lines), we will dust the light fixtures, wipe the counter tops and sinks, the outside of the cabinetry, vacuum the floor mats, and of course mop the floor

Now there is a little more to it than that but this is a list comprised of the big things that our customers say they are "big deals" to them.

With the first cleaning done, now its time to keep it that way with reoccurring maintenance cleans.

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