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Reoccurring Services

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After your deep clean has brought your home from Point A to Point B. Now our job is to keep it that way.


So what is "Keep it that way"?

Well that's what makes us different...

Our cleaning service does not change from the first clean to the next.

Most cleaning companies will put you on a rotational program or the will really scale down the service for your maintenance cleanings.

We do not participate in "speed cleaning".

Speed cleaning is a process in which you clean a house under the mantra "If it's not dirty, don't clean it". Google it for yourself you will easilly find what I am talking about.


We do things that are unique for you.

Most companies are not willing to adjust their routines from house to house. Here we get to know you and learn what makes you unique and we make adjustements to clean your home in a manner that makes you happy. 


The same team coming to your home is crucial in getting to know you and getting your home the way you want it. For that reason it just makes sense for you to get the same cleaners.

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