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Reoccurring Services

Your deep clean has brought your home from Point A to Point B. Now our job is to keep it that way.


To "keep it that way" we need to maintain all of the things we did on the deep clean. We are not a "wipe and go" type company so our maintenance cleaning is little more thorough than maintenance cleans from other companies.

Now that's good for me to say... But what makes us so different?

We do not participate in "speed cleaning".

Speed cleaning is a process in which you clean a house under the mantra "If it's not dirty, don't clean it". Google it for yourself you will easilly find what I am talking about.


We do things that are unique for you.

This is someting that many struggle with, especially the larger cleaning companies. In order to maintain their quotas they are really not built to change up their routines from house to house. After your first cleaning you have already done your "walk through" you have already spoken with us and we have gotten to know you... Well we also learned a thing or two about you that tells us what you as an individual are paticular about. That information is documented and utilized for us to clean your home in a manner that makes you happy. 


Think cleaning is cleaning???

Nope. What is clean to one person is not clean to another. What's clean to your spouse, I am willing to bet, is not clean to you... Or maybe even all out overkill. Well the same thing applies to cleaning companies. We need to learn what makes you tick. Our process is set up to learn that and then act on it.



The same team coming to your home is crucial in getting to know you and getting your home the way you want it. For that reason it just makes sense for you to get the same cleaners.


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